Paradise Suite

Paradise Suite Online Slots

WMS has managed once again to develop an online game that is like a fresh breath of air for the enthusiasts out there.

The display features of Paradise Suite are new and exciting and so easy to use. This online slot features 5 reels and 15 paylines and a breakaway to an island filled with sun, sea and Pina coladas.

You can dream up your perfect beach vacation, and chances are that you will find most of your favourite ideas featuring as symbols in Paradise Suite. Paradise Suite is a mood lifter with crazy vacation symbols like champagne on ice, holiday shorts, a camera, scuba gear, a hotel room key, sandcastles, a pineapple and a cocktail.

Bonus Features

Paradise Suite gets your holiday feeling on with a bonus round called “Hotel”. When the bonus feature is triggered by landing 2 or more of those hotel room keys, it takes you to a whole new screen where you get to decide your own fate by choosing one of the keys in the hope that your chosen key will unlock the luxury Paradise Suite in order to claim the mobile casino bonus winnings that is hidden in that hotel room.

The second bonus round is triggered when you strike 3 or more of the surfboard symbols. Paradise Suite is an interactive online slot, and this is proven in the way this game prompts you to participate and perform for winnings. This surfing bonus round presents you with 5 surfboards, and you can choose your preferred surfboard. Now you have to perform 8 stunts in order to winning the grand prize of this bonus round. If you manage to pull off a few tricks but not enough to land the grand prize, do not despair because there is still smaller prizes to be won as well.

What To Expect From Paradise Suite

This is overall an easy game to play and you do not have to focus on how the game works, to such an extent, that you forget to enjoy the game.

This game is accompanied by a typical island tune together with beating drums that makes you feel like you are about to embark on vacation.

Paradise Suite is not just fun, it is also rewarding.  If you manage to trigger 5 champagne bottle symbols on one payline, you will have won 25 000 coins. The symbol of all symbols, with the highest value, is the purple flower. If you manage to land 5 of these majestic flowers, your winnings will come to an amazing 50 000 coins.

Paradise Suite Interface

WMS has really made an effort to create an online slot with a difference. Paradise Suite has the pay table set up as part of the display at the top your screen, which is a great feature, because the player can continuously keep an eye on the payout amounts and familiarise themselves with the pay table of the game without exiting or pausing the online slot.

The betting range is for every type of player, from the person who is playing small to the high rollers. You can view your bet amount at all times, as well as adjust your stake whenever you feel like it. There is a maximum bet button conveniently placed on the screen for those moments you feel lucky and want to bet to the maximum.

Paradise Suite also allows you to turn down the volume of the soothing vacation like tune in the instance where you want to focus without interference.


Paradise Found

Paradise Found Online Slot

Microgaming stepped it up with the release of Paradise Found, a video slot game that plays off in the Himalayan Mountains.

This is a five reel game with 20 paylines, and this game speaks of tranquillity of peace. This game was designed in a simplistic manner, to portray the minimalistic lifestyle of the Oriental culture.

Bonus Features

Paradise Found online game might portray a simplistic lifestyle, but there is nothing simplistic about this game’s pay outs.

The pensive explorer represents the Scatter symbol of Paradise Found and this is the single most powerful symbol of the entire game. This symbol does not have to conform to any payline rules and if you find 5 of these lucky symbols anywhere over your active lines in Paradise Found, you will have pulled off winnings of 20 000 coins if you were playing the maximum stake.

The Lotus flower is the Wild symbol in Paradise Found and only appears on the first and last reel. This Wild symbol can replace all other symbols except the Scatter symbol and the majestic Tibetan hermitage, in order to complete winning combinations.

The Wonder Of The Wild Lotus

The Wild Lotus is a lucky little flower when it comes to Paradise Found. If you manage to simultaneously land a Wild Lotus in reel 1 and a Tibetan hermitage on reel 5, this will activate a special bonus round. Paradise Found has a surprising bonus round to it. Not the usual free spins as one would expect. This bonus round will freeze all the active lines for 10 rounds, in which the Wild Lotus will randomly emerge on reels 2 to 4, completing winning combinations and growing your winnings.

Betting Amounts and Pay Outs

Paradise Found is renowned for its flexible betting options. You can play it safe and bet smaller amounts, and for the adventurous ones the maximum bet is set at 200 coins. You can change your bet amounts by adjusting the coin options up or down, as well as manage your total bet by altering your active payline quantities.

You can set your coin denomination at anything from 1c to 1 coin per line.

Paradise Found Interface

This online slot has an easy-to-navigate interface. Paradise Found has an online information tab where you can familiarise yourself with the rules of the game, and how to play it. You can also view the pay table to see the winnings for different combinations.

This online slot also has an auto spin function which allows you the comfort to set the game to spin automatically for the number of spins of your choice. You can also keep an eye on your total winnings during the duration of the game, and cash out at any given time.

Paradise Found is an online slot that can be played on Microsoft and Mac operating systems. This game is also available at land based casinos.

Just keep in mind that the Paradise Found onlineslot is not yet available to be played on mobile devices.


Pandora’s Box

Pandora’s Box Online Slot

Pandora’s Box originates form the Greek mythology. Legend has it that this was a box filled with all the evil of the world, and Pandora was the keeper of this box. Her curiosity made her open the box and all the evil re-entered the world.

Net Entertainment created an online slots game based on this ancient mythology called “Pandora’s Box”. True to its Greek heritage, this online slot is set against the backdrop of Ancient Greece. The fonts used are Greek, and the olives and the age old armour portrayed in the graphics of this game are true to its theme.

Pandora’s Box Game Features

This is a 5 reel, 20 payline video slot that is easily accessible at form any electronic platform with a stable internet connection.

The reel symbols you can expect to see in Pandora’s Box varies from harps, Greek gods, olives, grapes, Greek goddesses, Medusa’s head, card symbols from a 10 to a King and quite a few other interesting Greek like symbols.

Bonus Features

Pandora’s Box boasts with not one, but two Wild symbols. The Greek god Zeus is the Wild card symbol in this game, and when you see the mighty Zeus, just keep in mind that this gentle giant can replace any of the other symbols in order to complete winning combinations, except for the Scatter symbol.

If the mighty Zeus symbol appears as a gold Wild symbol, this means it will still function as a normal Wild card, but with an added bonus. This gold symbol will increase your winnings in fourfold.

Pandora’s Box represents the Scatter symbol, and this will result in various amounts of free spins and endless chances to increase your winnings.

If you land 3 Pandora’s Box symbols 10 free spins will be coming your way, 4 of these will yield 20 free spins and a 5 reel spin of these will result in 30 free spins. This bonus round also allows you to win more free rounds whilst playing in the bonus round.

Pandora’s Box Online Features And Interface

This online game has an information tab where you can familiarise yourself with the rules of the game as well as catch up on how to play it. There is also a pay table tab which allows you to see exactly how much winnings each symbol and bonus actions will yield.

The auto play feature is very popular and this allows you to set up anything to a 1000 paylines to play automatically, all with the set bet amount of your choice.

Pandora’s Box also has a “skill stop” feature which allows you to stop a spin at any given time.  This function creates a sense of control, where the player feels they regulate the outcome of the spin in some sense.

Pandora’s Box allows you to choose how many paylines you want to play at a time, and you can regulate the bet level between 1 and 4. The player can also set a bet amount ranging from 1c to 1 coin.

Pandora’s Box is available to be played online for fun or for real money, and this very popular slot is also available at selected land based casinos.



Pandamania Online Slots

NextGen is created an oriental online slot game filled with the world’s most loved bear, the panda himself. Pandamania plays off in a Zoo where the panda proves to be the King of the animal realm.

Pandamania is a 5 reel, 25 payline video slot that is colourful and fun, and even brings a storyline about, with the main goal of escaping from the zoo, no matter the cost. The player gets involved in this breakout and the game develops to such a stage where the zoo keeper gets tied up in order to keep him from preventing the escape.

Pandamania Bonus Features

This vivid online slots game is filled with bonus features. The panda himself represents the Wild symbol, and when you secure 2 of these pandas your winnings will explode into 10 times your bet amount. If your luck is on and you land 5 of these pandas, you winnings will be 2000 times your bet amount.

If you run into a panda during the game which already managed to escape, he will reward you with for his freedom by randomly turning symbols into Wild symbols in order to create winning combinations.

The Pandamania logo is the Scatter symbol of this game, and if you manage to land between 2 to 5 of these logos, you can win anything from 1 to 100 times your bet amount.

If you manage to land 3 Scatter symbols, this will have triggered the bonus round. This bonus feature rewards you with 10 free spins as well as the feature where all your winnings will be doubled. This bonus feature allows you to trigger another set of 3 spins within this feature if you manage to get another 3 Scatter symbols again. This is like a bonus hidden within a bonus!

Pandamania also has a Pick me bonus symbol. If this symbol lands on reel 2 to 4, you will be afforded an option to select one of the random boxes, revealing anything from cash to a combination of cash and a chance to pick another box or the ever so popular and sought after “Win all” option, where you win all the prizes hidden in all the boxes.

Pandamania Reel Symbols

The reel layout of this game is colourful and fun with symbols of golden zoo tickets, vendor symbols with goodies like ice cream and bubble gum, padlocks, playing card symbols from a 10 to the K and a zoo keeper tied up with ropes.

Pandamania Pay Outs

If you manage to match 3 to 5 of the playing card symbols you stand a chance to win anything from 5 to 50 times your bet amount.

If you secure 5 vendor symbols your winnings will amount to 200 times your bet amount and 2 tied up zoo keepers will yield a return of 3 times your bet, 3 tied up zookeepers yield 25 times your bet, 4 will result in 250 times your bet amount and the 5 tied up zoo keepers will result in winnings from Pandamania online slots of 500 times your bet amount.


online video poker

Everything you Need to Know About Online Video Poker

Video poker first saw widespread success when it became economically viable to produce both televisions and the processing unit used in the machine in mass quantity. By combining the two elements together, manufacturers were able to create the world’s first poker machines. The first personal computers were made around nineteen seventy five and this was also when the first video poker machines were produced. They weren’t very fancy by the standards we have today, but the basic game of poker could be played and the player could wager money on hands.

Si Redd’s Coin Machines, which later became International Gaming Technology, were really the first to bring video poker into mainstream electronic gaming with their introduction of Draw Poker in the late nineteen seventies. The next decade saw video poker’s popularity continue to grow in casinos. This was probably because it was more approachable than some of the other games at the casino. These machines became, and still are, very popular with Las Vegas locals today.

Types of Online Video Poker

What a player might consider “normal” poker is far from the only type of poker that is utilised in online poker. Another type of online poker game available is called Joker’s Wild. In this game, the joker acts as a wild card. This means that it can be substituted for any other card in the deck. There are also variants that use such words as triple, double and bonus. These online poker games offer some kind of pay schedule modification. For instance, a player that has four aces and a two might pay a larger amount that four aces and a king.

Another type of online video poker is multi-play poker. In this variation, the player starts the game with a hand. Every hand after that is taken from another set of cards with the initial hand. These games are often called named like five play, triple play, fifty play, ten play and so on.

The most common type of online video poker game available today is a game called Jacks or Better. This game is also referred to as Draw Poker. In this game, the player does not get paid unless they get at least a pair of jacks. If the player manages to get a pair of jacks, they will get paid, but it will be the lowest prize on the pay table.

Paytable for Jacks or Better

The paytable for Jacks or Better starts at zero. If a player gets any combination of cards that’s worth less than two jacks they will not get any money. A pair of jacks pays out at one coin. Two pair will pay the player out with two coins. If the player manages three of a kind in a game of Jacks or Better online video poker they will win three coins.

A straight in this system pays the player four coins while a flush pays out six coins. A full house pays out nine coins and four of a kind pays at twenty five coins. The two most valuable hands in online video poker are the straight flush, which pays out fifty coins and the royal flush, which pays out a total of eight hundred coins.



Real Time Gaming’s Megasaur Online Slots

Players who harbour a dream of time-travel and, if this dream were realised, would head back to the Triassic period to interact with dinosaurs, will particularly enjoy Megasaur slots from Real Time Gaming. Not only is the Jurassic Park-style fantasy fulfilled, but the chance to win hefty prizes and take advantage of generous bonuses is granted as well.

Real money cash prizes are available for Megasaur players who manage to locate velociraptors; pterodactyls; triceratops and diplodocus, but the top reward is reserved for those who manage to land the megasaurs –the green and red beasts are able to activate the bonus games which include wild megasaurs; scatter volcanoes; an extra feature; a feature guarantee and the jackpot.

This slots game is also available for mobile players to enjoy as well and most tablets and smartphones are able to whisk players back to the land before time with the simple flick of the wrist.

Possible Payouts per Prehistoric Predator

The terrible pterodactyls and vicious velociraptors are able to grant players 250 coins, and the bigger dinosaurs carry rewards linked to their sizes: the large the animal the higher the prize. 750 coins are available for the dozy diplodocus, and as many as 1 000 for the terrible triceratops.

The star of this show is the Megasaur, however, and they are able to consume all the other animals in order to create combinations that boost the player’s bankroll whenever they appear. The green beast is able to appear wild on the second reel; the reds get rowdy on the fourth; and all prizes that these are able to help the player accrue will double in value. The scatter symbol volcano icons are able to multiply total bets by as much as 300 times, and trigger the feature available for the game as well.

Three volcanoes will appear, and players will be asked to select one in order to reveal their free spins prize. Two; five or ten complimentary spins are available, and this feature is also certain to appear within 250 spins. The game also has a progressive jackpot available, and players will need the help of the volcanoes in order to access it to. Five appearing will grant them 100% of the prize money available; four will reward them with 20% of the total; and even three will add 10% of the jackpot total to the player’s prize money.

Stakes Available for Megasaur Online Slots

Although the dinosaur symbols are big ones for Megasaur, the antes are not, and players of a wide array of betting-stake preferences will be able to find the amount they are happy with. The paylines are fixed, and all 25 will always be active, but coin combinations of 1.25; 2.5 and 5 are available.

Further, players are able to take this RTG online slots game for a test-run if they wish to, and can try it out completely free for as long as they would like. This is an excellent way to make sure the game is able to offer the player what he or she is looking for, and can significantly increase winnings thanks to the fact that players gain confidence when engaging with familiar icons and play.


Mega Kong video slot by Spielo

Mega Kong Video Slot by Spielo

Players who enjoy games at land-based casinos really love the Mega Kong video slot by Spielo. The game is a sequel to their King Kong Cash slot game, regarded as this company’s most successful release to date, and, although it makes use of the same theme, the Mega Kong video slot features completely reworked gameplay and the kind of updated graphical elements which has made it a must for any true slot fan to experience.

Mega Kong video slot by Spielo is action-packed, and features an incredible array of progressive jackpot prizes, but it is limited to brick-and-mortar casino play. For slots fans who do not have the option of visiting a land-based casino in order to enjoy the game there are a number of alternatives available online which can provide similar entertainment by means of the World Wide Web.

A Choice of Three Games within Mega Kong

Players will need to choose one from a possible three distinct games when sitting down to enjoy Mega Kong video slot by Spielo:

  1. Mega Kong – Jungle Lagoon

This game provides a damsel-in-distress-type icon as its wild, and she puts in frequent appearances, able to substitute for all other symbols excepting that of the treasure chest. Three of the latter will pay players a scatter win and trigger a free spins round.

  1. Mega Kong – Jungle Queen

Players who select this game will be on the hunt for the so-called jungle queen, and she stands in as the scatter. Landing a minimum of three of the monument symbols will activate the free spins section of play.

  1. Mega Kong – Jungle Treasures

The wild symbol for this game is a panther, and the big cat is able to stand in for anything except the jackpot symbols and moon scatter.

All three mini-games hold on to the Mega Kong video slot by Spielo bonus symbols, and players will be looking to access the Mega Kong Bonus and Mystery Kong Bonus in order to get their hands on the bigger prizes, the details of which are all listed along the top of the game’s screen.

Prizes Not Stake-Dependent with Mega Kong

The good news is that this game was designed to be as user-friendly as possible, and the prizes it is able to deliver are not stake-dependent. Higher bets only grant players a very small edge in terms of accessing the various bonus rounds, and players with smaller antes are just as likely to win one of the jackpot prizes as their high-rolling counterparts are.

Players looking for the kind of experience a game like the Mega Kong video slot by Spielo is able to deliver online rather than at a brick-and-mortar casino will very easily be able to find alternatives at one of the many first-rate virtual casinos currently operating. A-grade visuals; branded action and enormous progressive jackpots are never further away than the nearest internet-ready device is nowadays, and comparison sites are able to point prospective players in the right direction as far as these games are concerned.


Mega Kong – play online versions

Mega Kong – Play Online Versions

Slots players who wish to enjoy Mega Kong – play online versions of the game by means of their desktops; laptops; smartphones and tablets. It is a follow-up to Spielo’s mega-successful King Kong Cash slots machine game, and, although unavailable online, there are alternatives offering similar entertainment widely available on the World Wide Web.

Three Games within the Game

Players looking to enjoy Mega Kong – play online versions that are able to make similar elements available to them at online casinos accepting players from their country. The most important feature for Mega Kong is undoubtedly the fact that there is a choice of three different games within the base game: the Mega Kong Jungle Queen; Mega Kong Jungle Lagoon and Mega Kong Jungle Treasures games. Those looking for Mega Kong – play online versions that allow for a similar level of choice once the game has begun. Although the differences between these games are essentially aesthetic ones, there are unique wild and scatter icons available for each. However, the all-important bonus symbols which provide players with the chance to access the Mega and Mystery Kong Bonuses are featured in all.

The Bonus Prizes for Mega Kong

Players on the hunt for Mega Kong – play online versions of slots games that allow them the opportunity to take home a big progressive jackpot prize. Furthermore, the chance to win these prizes does not depend on enormous wagers being placed on the games, and both more conservative bettors who place smaller antes on the available paylines and their higher rolling counterparts who like to play with the maximum bets in place are equally as likely to take home the life-changing win. Of course the bigger bets grant a tiny margin of advantage, but overall even having the lowest wager possible for play in place may well win the big money prize.

When slots machine game fans start searching for Mega Kong – play online versions of games that have the same high quality graphics; animations and realistic sound-effects. The fact is that Spielo remains first and foremost a land-based slots machine game developer, and many of the wildly popular creations they are the authors of remain out of reach of the majority of slots fans. Their online slots machine game catalogue is limited, and players are still required to do the best they can in terms of finding alternatives when engaging in real money slots entertainment by means of the World Wide Web.

Comparison websites have sprung up to fill the gap in the market, and they are able to help players of all levels of experience find exactly the casino; bonus and game type they are looking for. The beauty of these sites is that they provide their services completely free of charge, and save the player the hassle of having to personally examine each and every one of the various offers; slots games and places to play available online. They are able to ensure that the player remains safe to boot, and that all of the personal financial information required for this type of fun is kept secure, and the stress of possibly parting with sensitive data in an insecure environment no longer needs to be contended with.


Mega Joker video slot

Mega Joker Video Slot from Net Entertainment

Fans of classic, Vegas-styled slots games will particularly enjoy Mega Joker video slot, as it has a very simple design and presentation available for its players. It offers a welcome alternative from the increasingly complex games that are being offered in ever more elaborate formats these days, but will not bore players either, as it makes a point of not sacrificing entertainment in favour of minimalist design.

Although Mega Joker video slot features only three reels, its five paylines and innovative bonus features are able to amplify the old-school slots feel it delivers considerably. It offers players the chance to win a progressive mystery jackpot prize, as well as enjoy the so-called Supermeter bonus feature, and, thanks to these, some large wins are available to lucky players. It is playable by means of a variety of operating systems as well, and Mac; Windows and Linux users will all be able to enjoy it with ease.

Theme for Mega Joker Video Slot

Mega Joker video slot from Net Entertainment, with its potted houseplants and intricately-patterned wallpaper, will transport players back to the brick-and-mortar Las Vegas casino experience of old. The game has a classic, cartoonish design reminiscent of the 1980s, with classic icons on its reels and rapidly blinking lights that will immediately bring the old-fashioned machines of Las Vegas casino lobbies to the minds of the players lucky enough to have experienced them.

Details on the amount that the various winning combinations are worth are clearly displayed on the front of the machine in a brightly-coloured rainbow design, and the symbols are typical classic slots fare: cherries; oranges; lemons; grapes; watermelons; golden bells; treasure chests; and lucky number sevens abound. The highest paying icon is the joker for which the game takes its name.

Players will not have to endure any background music when playing Mega Joker video slot machines, but the spinning of the reels, as well as their stopping, is accompanied by sound-effects, and a musical fanfare announces each of the wins. Lining up three joker icons will have longer songs playing out in order to celebrate the bankroll boost.

Features for Mega Joker Video Slot

Players of the Mega Joker video slot will be forgiven for thinking they are playing two different slots games simultaneously: whenever a win is formed along the bottom reels available for the game, players will have the choice to either collect whatever their cash prize total is, or make use of it as a credit in order to move up and play along the top, or Supermeter, reels. While playing on the Supermeter reels they will have the chance to take home a variety of prizes, the size of which is reliant on the bid that was made on the lower reels. Players can choose to collect their coins from the Supermeter section of the game at any point of play, or keep spinning the reels in hopes of hitting the big win. When the stake has been used up the game will automatically return the player to the lower reels in order to restart the process.



Medusa Online Slots from NextGen Gaming – Medusa is a video slots game with two reels and 25 paylines available for its players, and Next Generation Gaming is the power behind the throne as far as this game is concerned. A total of 25 coins are available for play, ranging in value from 0.01 to 5, and a 5 000 jackpot is up for grabs. There are three bonus rounds on offer; 20 free spins; and a multiplier of between two and five for players to put to use as they work their way through the game.

Theme for Medusa Online Slots

NextGen Gaming’s Medusa online video slots has a mythological theme for its players, making the story of the unhappy Gorgon its subject. Capable of turning enemies into stone with a single look, the fearsome monster and her head full of live snakes has inspired many a storyteller down through the ages, with each reinterpretation adding another layer to her mysterious charm.

Bonus Features for Medusa Online Slots

The icon describing the monster itself is the wild icon, and, should players manage to land three of these on the reels, she will turn the second; third; and fourth reels into stone. After this, one of them will crack, and an expanded wild will be revealed that is able to remain in place for three spins. These three spins are provided along with a multiplier of three as well, and this portion of play is known as the Turn to Stone Respins Feature.

The second bonus feature, known as Once Bitten, is triggered when three or more of the game’s logos land anywhere along the reels. When this occurs, players will be awarded with ten free spins, along with a multiplication of two applied to all his or her winnings. The soldier symbol landing on the middle reel during this section to Medusa online video slots play is able to award players with as many as four so-called Super Spins whenever he appears.

These Super Spins will be activated once the standard free spins portion of play comes to an end, with the free spins being retriggered each time three more Medusa game logo icons appear on the reels. During the super spins section, all wins will be delivered along with a multiplier of five times, delivering a considerable boost to the lucky player’s bankroll.

There is also a Pegasus bonus feature available, and this game is triggered when three of the Pegasus symbols land anywhere on the player’s reels. It takes the form of a typical pick me feature, wherein players are asked to select one of the icons on display in order to reveal a cash prize. This feature is also available during the free spins portion of play, the standard complimentary spins as well as the Super Spins, and this means that multiplications of either two or five will be awarded to all the winnings that the player is able to accrue.

Players are able to enjoy Medusa slots by means of desktop computers; laptops; tablets and smartphones as and when they wish.