Thunderkick Turning Totems slot

Thunderkick Turning Totems Slot Online

Thunderkick Turning Totems slot is a unique looking and unique playing slot game that is available online. Just like many other Thunderkick slot games, this slot may not feature a huge variety of bonus features, but the unique game play on offer makes it rewarding and fun to play.

Thunderkick Turning Totems slot has great looking graphics that also keeps you entertained and motivated. Graphics are not always important in a slot game but the look and animations in this slot title are very unique and eye catching.

How To Play Turning Totems

Thunderkick Turning Totems slot has a 5 reel, 3 row setup. The reels are set on Native American totem poles. Each symbol represents a face on the pole and each face is unique. The aim of the game is to line up or group together matching faces. Unlike most slot titles, you will need to match at least 6 or more symbols in order to form a winning combination and trigger a payout.

It may sound like a tall order to get any wins in Thunderkick Turning Totems slot but the developer has taken all this into account and designed the game around it. The symbols also act like scatters so you do not need to land them all in one area.

Additionally, as soon as 5 matching symbols are on screen, they will become sticky and remain in place for the next spin, if more matching symbols land; the reels will res-pin once more. You could theoretically land 15 matching symbols across all the reels, which is the jackpot, pay out for each symbol.

Turning Totems Bonus Feature

The unique bonus round in Turning Totems slot is activated by the thunderbolt shaped snake symbol. If you land six of these snakes on the totem poles, the bonus round will initiate and you will be taken to a new set of totem poles.

Turning Totems slot will show your Native American who always watches the reels from the left running up a hill to a new set of totem poles. As he makes his way to these new reels, the weather will gradually darken and become overcast.

You will get 12 free spins on these reels, with each bonus symbol adding another 2 spins to your remainder, up to a maximum of 30 total spins. Each pole also has a multiplier that it applies to wins, each re-spin you receive for 5 or more matching symbols will increase the multiplier between 1x and 5x.

Turning Totems Inwinity Spin Feature

Turning Totems slot gives you one more chance to win at the end of the bonus round. Players will get one Inwinity Spin as the free spin bonus round ends. This special feature will keep the reels spinning until one last winning combination lands.

Turning Totems Reel Symbols

Turning Totems slot has carved wooden totem heads as the reel symbols. Each head has payouts ranging from 6 matching symbols to 15 matching symbols.

With a maximum wager of 250 per spin and a 5x multiplier during the free spins round, you can stand a chance of winning some great prizes.


Thunderkick Turning Totems

Thunderkick Turning Totems Online slot

Thunderkick Turning Totems is an online slot game with a Native American theme. The slot reels are made up of 5 Totem Poles. Each spin turn the faces on the Totem Pole to reveal new symbols. Matching 6 or more similar faces will result in a cash prize.

Thunderkick Turning Totems has a unique look, like many other Thunderkick games. Not only are the win animations fun to watch, but all your spins feature a Native American boy on the side of the reels cheering you on.

The features of this online slot include a free spins bonus round with reel multipliers, as well as a re-spin feature every time you land more than 5 matching symbols on the reels. This slot also includes the Winfinity Spin feature which assures you at least one winning combination during the free spins bonus round.

Turning Totems Bonus Game

Thunderkick Turning Totems has a free spins bonus game that is triggered by the Snake symbol. This symbol has the snake’s body shaped like a lightning bolt and when this bonus game initiates, the weather will change as well. You will see your Native American companion run up a hill to a new set of reels while the weather becomes stormy overhead.

The new set of Thunderkick Turning Totems free game reels each have a multiplier at the top of the totems poles. You get 12 free spins to start off with, but each snake bonus symbol that appears on the Totem Poles will add an additional 2 free spins.

Whenever the re-spin feature described below triggers during the free spin round, the multipliers at the top of the Totem Poles will increase by 1, up to a maximum of a 5x multiplier. If this wasn’t enough, when your free spins are finished, the Winfinity Spin feature initiates. This feature will spin the reels until you land 1 more winning combination before you are returned to the standard reels at the foot of the hill.

Turning Totems Wager Limits

Thunderkick Turning Totems does not feature traditional pay lines; instead pay outs are determined simply by the amount of matching faces you land on the Totem Poles. Wagers start at 0.10 per spin but can be raised to a limit of 250 like all top online casino games for Mac.

Turning Totems Re-Spin Feature

Thunderkick Turning Totems has an additional free spin style feature. It may sound difficult to land 6 or more matching symbols on the reels, not to mention the possible jackpot amount of 15 matching symbols. It is however not that impossible when you consider the re-spin feature this slot has.

In Thunderkick Turning Totems, each time you land 5 matching symbols on the reels, those symbols will become sticky and remain in place. The re-spin feature now triggers, spinning all the other symbols while the 5 matching symbols remain in place. If another matching symbol appears on the reels, that symbol will now become sticky as well while the remaining reels re-spin yet again. The re-spins will end once no matching symbols appear after a re-spin.


Thunderkick Toki Time slot

Thunderkick Toki Time slot

Toki Time slot is an online slot game that has a really cute and unique look. Just like many Thunderkick games, simply looking at the game is half the fun of the slot. Toki Time also features a unique look and functionality to the reels. Instead of spinning on a fixed grid, the symbols are small cute animals that pop out of holes on the ground.

Toki Time slot does not just feature attention to detail and creativity when it comes to the reel spins, they also pay attention to detail when it comes to background, music and animations. The background of the reels will slowly change from day to night as play progresses and each winning combination will initiate a cute and fun animation from the characters.

Toki Time Expanding Wild Symbol

Toki Time slot features a long necked creature that acts as the expanding wild symbol. The wild will take on a substitute value for any of the in game symbols. The wild will only appear out of the holes under reels 2 and 4.

The expanding wild has an additional function as well. Each winning combination that includes one of these expanding wilds will trigger a reel re-spin. The wilds on screen will remain in place while the other reels re-spin. The re-spin will retrigger with each and every winning combination that is formed on the reels.

Toki Time Two Way Win

Toki Time Canadian online slot features pay lines that are active two ways. This means that a win can be triggered on a pay line from left to right as well as from right to left. This essentially doubles the pay lines from 11 to 22, plus you only need to activate 11 pay lines to have 22 active during play.

Toki Time Reel Symbols

Thunderkick’s Toki Time slot has a cute and happy looking selection of characters on the reels. These creatures all offer pay outs whenever you manage to match three or more symbols on one of the 11 pay lines, wither from right to left or from left to right.

The yellow 4 legged chicken creature is worth between 0.2 and 2 coins. The blue cow offers between 0.4 and 2.5 coins. The green raccoon offers a maximum pay out of 3 coins. The red creature is worth 4.5 coins at maximum pay out.

The purple creature is worth 6 coins, while the rainbow cloud and the rainbow star symbols offer the highest prizes. The cloud is worth 12 coins while the star is worth 24 coins at their maximum pay out. The maximum pay out for all symbols requires 5 matching symbols on an active pay line.

Toki Time Wager Limits

Toki Time slot allows real money wagering. The 11 pay lines on the reels can be activated individually with the in game coins. The minimum value of these wager coins is 0.10.

Adjusting the coin value can increase wagers up to a maximum of 100 per spin with all pay lines active. There is a theoretical Return To Player of around 97.1%.


Toki Time

Toki Time Online Slots

Another addition to the charming range of animated slots released by Thunderkick, Toki Time is a video slot machine that is now available in a handful of versions, including download, online and mobile.

The Toki Time slot games are played across 5 reels, with 11 fixed paylines and a number of bonus features that offer more opportunity at bigger wins. The bonus features include the likes of wilds, expanded wilds, wins both ways and respins.

Players wanting to get a good look and feel for the game, before risking any of their own money, will be pleased to know that there are a number of online and mobile casinos that offer free play – a feature that benefits beginners all the same.

Theme and Gameplay

The Toki Time online slots are centred around a theme that is somewhat reminiscent of the popular 90’s Japanese console games, with an authentic soundtrack that undeniably follows suite.

Boasting great animations and graphics, the reels are set against a stylised landscape, where the symbols appear to float above the holes that they shoot out of. Thus, Toki Time offer something of a unique interface, where the reels don’t necessarily spin.

The paytable and game rules can be checked by clicking the menu button in the bottom lefthand corner of the screen, while the bottom right holds the button to choose 1 of 13 different bets, ranging from 0.10 to 100.00, as well as the buttons needed to spin the reels and select the autoplay.

Toki Time Slot Symbols

There are as little as 7 symbols in the Toki Time slot games, all of which display charming animated characters that can be recognised by colour, including purple, red, green, blue and yellow, as well as a cloud and star character.

The game also includes a special symbol that acts as the game’s wild and bonus game trigger, which displays a large silver or purple character that resembles a sheep. This symbol will only ever appear on the 2nd and 4th reels during the base game.

Wins Both Ways

There are a number of bonus features in the Toki Time slot games that are worth taking a look at, with one of the most rewarding arguably being the Wins Both Ways feature.

Wins Both Ways is rather self explanatory, allowing players to make wins from right to left as well as from left to right. This feature is noteworthy due to the fact that it can be taken advantage of at any given point in the game, and doesn’t necessarily need to be triggered for it to take place.

Expanded Wild Respins Feature

An entertaining addition to the game, the expanded wild respins feature in the Toki Time video slot games offers additional opportunity to create winning combinations. With this feature, the wild sheep-like character will squeeze out of the 2nd and 4th holes to fill the entire reel.

In addition, the character will remain in place if it contributes to a winning combination and players will receive a respin. The respins will essentially continue until players cease to land win.


Thunderkick Sunny Scoops Slot

Thunderkick Sunny Scoops Slot Game

The Thunderkick Sunny Scoops Slot is a fun and festive online video slot game with a very unique setup. The game has a seaside ice-cream parlour theme where the reels themselves are scoops of ice-cream. The backdrop to the slot is a hazy view of a beach with the ocean glittering against the sun. 1950’s style jukebox music gives the game a lively and festive feel. The reels/ice-cream cones sit on a countertop with each symbol represented by a scoop of ice-cream piled onto a small cone. When the spin button is pressed, a new set of 3D animated three-scoop cones slide into view.

3-Reel Ice-cream Themed Slot

When stripped down, the Thunderkick Sunny Scoops slot is in essence a 3-reel slot with a total of 14 paylines. The game does offer a autoplay feature where players can set the number of auto spins from 5 up to 5000. In terms of bonus features, the game does not offer any Wilds or Scatters. Instead, the bonus feature is activated by landing three of the same scoops on one cone. This triggers the multiple bonus game feature where players can win free spins with multipliers. On the reels/cones all of the symbols are types of ice-cream flavours. The flavours themselves are differentiated by colour.

High Paying Flavours

The highest paying flavour/colour in the Thunderkick Sunny Scoops slot is the yellow ice-cream with a white swirl. Finding all three across the reels will pay out 500x the total bet if a maximum bet is placed. Next in line is the plain yellow coloured ice-cream followed by the caramel coloured scoop with dotted pieces. Up next is the chocolate ice-cream with pieces followed by the strawberry, the blueberry swirl and finally the chocolate swirl. There are a total of seven flavours that can appear on the reels.

Triggering the Bonus Wheel

To complete a win in the Thunderkick Sunny Scoops slot, players must land 3 of the same ice-cream flavours on an active payline. In this game players can set the total number of coins bet per payline from 0.1 coins all the way to 100 coins per payline. If players manage to land three of the same flavours on one cone, this will trigger a bonus wheel spin. The bonus wheel is divided into different bet multipliers as well as a bonus round trigger making it one of the favourite slots on the best iPhone casino sites. Once triggered, the wheel will spin either paying out a bet multiplier or activating the free spins bonus round.

Sunny Scoops Free Spins Round

In the Thunderkick Sunny Scoops slot, the free spins bonus round starts out with 10 free spins. The bonus round starts out with the flavour that initiated the round as well as a plain vanilla flavour. When a winning combination is achieved, the bet multiplier increases by 1x and a re-spin is initiated.

Every time another winning combination is achieved the bet multiplier climbs higher and higher while not decreasing the number of free spins still in hand. Essentially there is no limit to the multiplier itself. However, any non-winning spin will decrease the multiplier by 1x and use up one of the free spins. When the number of free spins moves to 0, the round ends and the total coins won are added to the slot total.


Thunderkick Flux slot

The 5-Reel Online Thunderkick Flux Slot Machine

The Thunderkick Flux slot is a unique 3D video slot game available for online play. In terms of slot games, Flux offers a completely unique experience. There are no reels as such. The three dimensional symbols float and rotate against a stylised dark blue digital backdrop. One thing players will notice is the high energy dream-trance background music throughout the game. When the spin button is pressed, the symbols shoot down in a beam of light from the top of the screen before gently rocking into place. The high quality 3D graphics and unique setup will appeal to most slot enthusiasts.

3D Space Slot

Behind the ethereal music and spaced out graphics, the Thunderkick Flux slot is based on the classic setup of 5 reels with a total of 15 paylines. The game also includes a number of bonus features in the form of a Wild symbol and a free spins bonus round where the symbols pay both ways. On the reels, all of the symbols are types of 3D geometrical shapes that resemble gemstones. The highest paying symbol is the yellow coloured star shaped symbol. This is followed by the orange ball-like symbol and the ruby symbol. The lower paying symbol include the purple gem, the emerald type symbol, the triangular symbol, the pink gem and finally the blue oblong gemstone symbol.

Flux Wild Symbol

The Wild symbol in the Thunderkick Flux slot is the symbol with the big “W.” This symbol can be used to substitute for all the other symbols in order to form a winning combination on the reels. The only symbol the Wild cannot substitute for is the Bonus symbol. Unlike most slot games, the bonus symbol and Wild symbol does not pay out on its own. The highest paying symbol of the game is the yellow star symbol paying out 2500 coins on a maximum bet.

Flux Bonus Symbol

The bonus symbol in the Thunderkick Flux slot is the symbol with the big “B.” This symbol is the key to activating the free spins bonus round. To trigger the free spins round, players must land 3 or more bonus symbols anywhere on the five reels. The number of free spins awarded is dependent on the number of bonus symbols that trigger the round. Once the round is triggered, player can choose the type of free spin bonus they want.

Choose your Free Spins Feature

In the Thunderkick Flux slot, the standard free spins bonus offers players a win both ways. This means that the slot will pay out from right to left and left to right. If players opt for this options, the number of free spins ranges from 16 for 3 Scatters and 48 for all five. The second option is to choose three extra rows and pay in one direction. The highest number of spins with this combination is 36. Finally, the third choice is to have a combination of three extra rows and the ability to pay out both ways. In this case the number of free spins awarded is the lowers. For all five Scatter the number of free spins is 24.



Flux Online Slots Overview

It is safe to say that Thunderkick is something of a unique developer, with each slot game that they release holding creativity and clever design that is unlike any other. Flux is one such game, with the 5 reel and 15 payline setup being just about the only similarities.

The Flux slot game uses 3D graphics to display a space-like theme, while offering multiple added winning opportunities through the likes of wilds, free spins and lines that pay both ways. This game has essentially been optimised for player convenience, with both online and mobile versions available worldwide.

Players who wish to explore this slot purely for entertainment purposes, or simply get in a practice game, can access this game for free play at a number of online and mobile casinos, however, it is always important to remember that only real money play rewards real money wins.

Theme and Design

As briefly mentioned above, the Flux slot game is centred around a space-like theme. However, players shouldn’t expect to see commonly used space imagery, and instead a creative take on space and what it contains.

Thus, instead of planets and satellites players are presented with brightly coloured three-dimensional spinning objects floating in space, each giving off it’s very own bit of light. The spinning objects are, of course, the symbols appearing on the reels, all of which appear to float freely against the dark space-like background.


With clear and simple design, an aspect synonymous with all releases from Thunderkick, the Flux online slot game boasts a clear interface that is both easy to understand and navigate.

Players will find all the action buttons they need to control the game around the reels in the bottom half of the screen. One of these actions buttons display what appears to be a small chip, which can be used to choose a bet, ranging from as little as 0.10 up to as much as 100.00 coins.

This ultimately ensures that players of just about any level can enjoy this slot, from novice to professional. Other buttons allow players to view the game rules, check the paytable, set an autospin and more.

Flux Slot Symbols

The symbols in the Flux online slot display a number of different coloured geometric, three-dimensional shapes, including yellow, orange, red, pink, green, turquoise, purple and blue.

These can be recognised as the game’s basic symbols, while there are also 2 special symbols that players should take note of. The special symbols can be identified by a yellow W, which is the wild symbol, as well as a silver B that triggers the bonus game.

Free Spins Bonus

Players will need to land 3 or more of the B symbols to activate the free spins bonus feature, before being presented with 3 different bonus game options.

The way it works is that players are faced with the option to either have more free spins with fewer winning opportunities, or less free spins with more winning opportunities. Thus, with 3 symbols players can choose, 16 free spins with lines paying both ways, 12 free spins with 3 extra rows or 8 free spins with pays both ways as well as 3 extra rows.

The same goes for 4 symbols landed with 32 spins wins both ways, 24 spins and 3 extra rows or 16 spins and wins both ways plus 3 extra rows, as well as 5 symbols 48 spins/36 spins or 24 spins.


Thunderkick Esqueleto Explosivo slot

Thunderkick Esqueleto Explosivo slot

Esqueleto Explosivo slot is an online slot game inspired by a Mexican national holiday, the Day of the Dead festival. In this ceremony, people honour and remember their dead. Luckily Thunderkick’sEsqueleto Explosivo slot does not follow this theme too closely, instead focusing on the design elements associated with the festival.

The slot title means Exploding Skeletons. This is of course very apt as the reel symbols are made of skulls that explode when a winning combination is formed with them. There is no free spin bonus game but you can make use of the exploding wild and the Dropping Symbols feature to get a free re-spin quite often.

Esqueleto Explosivo Wild Symbol

The golden skull with the rocking pompadour is the wild symbol in Esqueleto Explosivo slot. This wild symbol is a substitute for any of the standard in game symbols. He will take on any value required to complete a winning combination that he is part of.

Whenever he lands, he will explode and remove the closest 8 symbols to him. This will trigger the Dropping Symbols feature to potentially land a winning combination.

Esqueleto Explosivo Dropping Symbols

Esqueleto Explosivo slot essentially provides players with a re-spin after any winning combination lands. If you line up three or more matching symbols on an active pay line, the win symbols will explode.

All the symbols above will now drop down to fill the gap that was left by the exploding skulls, potentially creating a new winning combination. If another win is formed by the symbols, the feature will retrigger until no new combination lands on the reels.

Esqueleto Explosivo Mucho Multiplier

In order to get the biggest pay outs, you must make use of the Esqueleto Explosivo slot Mucho Multiplier. At the bottom of the reels you will see a row of numbers, x1, x2, x4, x8, x16 and x32. These numbers indicate the current value of the win multiplier that is in play.

Each winning payout will be multiplied by this amount. The multiplier starts off on x1 but every time the Dropping Symbols feature triggers a win, the multiplier will go to the next level. Additionally, each time the Esqueleto Explosivo slot wild symbol appears on the reels, the multiplier will again jump up one space in value.

Esqueleto Explosivo Reel Symbols

Esqueleto Explosivo slot has a selection of explosive skulls as the reel symbols. Each skull features that distinct Mexican Day of the Dead design elements that make the holiday so re cognizable.

The pink skull biting down on a rose is the highest value symbol that will pay out between 0.5x and 2.5x your staked line wager. This may sound low, but when the Mucho Multiplier is active, these wins can be increased by up to 32 times their pay out better than most online blackjack NZ games.

Esqueleto Explosivo Wagering

Esqueleto Explosivo slot is a 5 reel game. The reels are split into 3 rows. There are 17 pay lines that players can activate from as low as 0.10 per pay line. The highest possible wager is 100. There is a theoretical Return To Player of 97.6% on offer.


Esqueleto Explosivo

Esqueleto Explosivo Online Slot

For any players unfamiliar with the spanish language, Esqueleto Explosivo directly translates to exploding skeletons, providing a quirky name to accompany the game’s theme.

Esqueleto Explosivo is based on the Mexican holiday known as Day of the Dead that celebrates the death of close relatives. This flat-top video slot game has been released by growing developers, Thunderkick, and displays an attractive combination of top quality, colorful graphics with noteworthy gameplay and bonus features.

Played over 5 reels and 17 paylines, Esqueleto Explosivo includes the likes of wilds, multipliers and exploding symbols, giving all players extra opportunity to bring in some substantial prizes.

Theme and Design

As briefly mentioned before, Esqueleto Explosivo is centred around Day of the Dead, displaying a light-hearted and creative take on the Mexican holiday. Gaming action therefore takes place in the middle of a town square hosting Enrico Mortis and his mariachi band, The Boners.

Each band member sits, instrument in hand, surrounded by pictures of deceased loved ones and flickering candles. Above each band member are 3 skull symbols, composing the game’s reels, and with each spin they proceed to roll forward to make room for more to drop from above.


Gameplay proves just as creative in many aspects, with winning combinations further highlighting Esqueleto Explosivo slot’s steady theme and causing the members of the band to sing out in tune. It is thus a player’s aim to get as many winning combinations as possibly to truly hear the sweet sounds of the band.

The action buttons needed to control the game can all be found at the bottom of the screen and include a menu button to view game rules and the paytable, place bets, spin the reels and more. The bets range from as little as 0.10 to as much as 100.00 coins, meaning the Esqueleto Explosivo slots accommodate most player levels.

Esqueleto Explosivo Symbols

There are as little as 5 basic symbols in the Esqueleto Explosivo slot games, each of which can be identified by its difference in colour. These 5 symbols could essentially be broken down into 2 parts, namely higher and lower value symbols.

The higher value symbols are represented by pink, green and dark blue skulls, while the lower value symbols can be recognised as the orange and turquoise skulls. Additionally, the game has a bonus wild symbol displaying an explosive sunglasses-wearing orange skull.

Esqueleto Explosivo Dropping Symbols

Thunderkick generally refers to this feature as dropping symbols, however it is exactly the same as the commonly used cascading symbols found in many other contemporary slot games.

This feature essentially removes the symbols that complete a winning combination to make room for more symbols and another possible win. In Esqueleto Explosivo, much like the name dictates, the skulls will sing their tune, explode and make room for more.

With each consecutive win, players will be rewarded with a climb in the multiplier ladder below the reels, with the multiplier starting at 1x and moving up to a maximum of as much as 32x.


Thunderkick Bork The Berzerker slot

Thunderkick Bork The Berzerker slot

Bork The Berzerker slot is an original, comic themed game. This online slot follows the adventures of Bork, a Viking warrior who defeats evil and saves damsels in distress. There are a variety of monsters that make up the reel symbols and must be destroyed to save the day.

Bork The Berzerker slot has a free spins bonus game that can award players up to 50 free spins. There is also an expanding wild symbol that features Bork confronting and defeating an enemy in an animation.

There are a few unique animated sequences that play as the wild expands. Each clip features one of the enemies from the reel symbols, for instance one features Bork fighting two mer-monster creatures.

Bork The Berzerker Reel Symbols

Bork The Berzerker slot features a selection of creepy and comical monsters as the high value reel icons. There is a blue squid, two cackling snakes, a green mer-monster and a blonde haired woman chased by a monster out of frame.

There is also a drooling three eyed demon. In order to land a winning combination, three matching symbols must be lined up on an active pay line.

Bork The Berzerker Expanding Wild

The wild symbol in Bork The Berzerker slot is represented by a portrait of Bork himself. He will take on the value of any of the standard symbols in a winning combination, with the exception of the purple bonus symbol.

The Bork wild only appears on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels, but if it is part of a winning combination, it will expand across the reels and fill it entirely. As it expands you will see an animation play across the expanding symbol.

Bork The Berzerker Free Spins Bonus Game

The purple symbol with the villainous looking guy in it is the free spins trigger symbol in Bork The Berzerker slot. Three or more of this bonus scatter symbol anywhere on the reels will initiate free spins, based on the amount of scatter symbols that triggered it.

Three scatter symbols will award 10 free spins; four scatter symbols award 20 free spins while 5 scatters offer 50 free spins. More free spins can also be triggered. You must land another 3 or more scatters during the free spins game and you can get additional free spins, up to a maximum of 50 spins total.

Bork The Berzerker Wagers

Bork The Berzerker slot has 5 reels and 3 rows that the symbols spin on. This grid has been divided into 25 unique fixed pay lines. The pay lines are activated by the in game wager coins. Wagering starts at 0.10 which activates a single pay line.

The highest possible wager is 100 which activates each of the 25 pay lines at the highest possible stake per pay line. The yellow symbol featuring a lady chased by an unseen monster is the highest value symbol in the game, offering a pay out of 50 times your line wager.