Frog Royale slot

A Guide to Frog Royale Slot

Blue Gem’s Frog Royale slot is based on the Frog Prince, a traditional fairy tale collected by the brothers Grimm. It’s an online slot, and has five reels and 20 paylines.

Being a video slot, it features special symbols, free spins, and bonus games, as well as a Double Up game. In addition, it has 3D graphics, animations and special effects, and a soundtrack in keeping with the theme.

The original story upon which Frog Royale slot is based concerns a princess who accidentally dropped a golden ball into a pond. Attempting to retrieve it, she met a talking frog.

After several encounters, the princess released the creature from a curse. The frog was revealed to be a handsome prince. In recent versions of the story, the curse was broken by a kiss, but in the Grimm version, she threw the frog against a wall in a fit of disgust.

Frog Royale Reel Symbols

The reel symbols of Frog Royale slot all relate to the fairy tale. There is one set of symbols used in the base game, and another set that is used in the free spins round.

The symbols used in the base game include those such as a book, the frog, the princess, a castle under a rainbow, water lilies, bugs, a gold ball, and a cobblestone pathway.

Those in the free spins round include a sofa, an evil enchanter, a white horse, two different foods, a bed, thrones, and two different images of the prince and princess.

Frog Expanding Wild

The frog is one of the bonus symbols in Frog Royale slot. It is an expanding Wild, and can only be found on the second, third, and fourth reels.

When the symbol lands on a reel, it can expand to fill several positions. It can also substitute itself for other symbols so it can become part of combinations that win. The only symbols it won’t substitute for are the princess and the gold ball.

Princess Scatter, Gold Ball Feature, and Lily Game

Another special symbol on the Frog Royale slot reels is the princess. She is a scatter symbol that triggers free spins and is part of the gold ball feature.

The princess can trigger free spins from anywhere on the reels. Three of her trigger 10 free spins four trigger 20 free spins, and five trigger 30 free spins.

The Frog Royale slot free spins are played on a different set of reels with the second set of symbols. The appearance of three or more throne symbols will retrigger the free spins.

The princess’ gold ball is on her lap. When she lands on the reels, the ball falls off her lap, rolls off the reels, and drops into a basket. A prize is won whenever three gold balls are collected in the basket.

The Lily game is triggered when lily Click Me symbols land on the first, third, and fifth reels. Clicking one of the three lily symbols will reveal a prize.

Frog Royale Double Up Game

The Frog Royale slot Double Up game can be played whenever a winning combination lands on the reels. In the game, the payout from the winning combination is staked on a 50/50 chance of doubling it.

The game takes the form of a coin flip. The two possible outcomes are heads or tails.

Frog Royale Betting

The Frog Royale slot minimum coin value is 0.05, and the maximum is 5.00. Paylines can be adjusted, as can the bet per line.

The minimum bet per spin is 0.05, and the maximum is 500.00.


French Cuisine slot

 French Cuisine Slot From Blue Gem Software

French Cuisine slot is all about the wonderful world of eating French food. Set in a dimly lit Parisian restaurant with an eccentric chef and a snooty waiter, this game offers players a number of extra features. The five reels play host to twenty optional paylines which can be either turned on or off. A minimum bet of 0.01 will get you spinning the reels, while high rollers can go for a much larger wager with the maximum allowed being 100 coins per spin. This game will appeal to all kinds of players, both novices and advanced due to its 3D graphics, interesting animations and number of special features.

Parisian Flair

French Cuisine slot is a fun little slot with lots of animations and 3D graphics. The reels sit in a rather dark restaurant in Paris, and are full of theme based characters. The very portly chef sits to the bottom left of the reels, slurping down a bottle of wine. The reels themselves are edged with a box style wine rack which adds to the feel of the restaurant. All of the buttons at the bottom of the reels are simply done in a curly font, with no actual buttons around them. All of the symbols animate when forming a part of winning combinations. The soundtrack is unique to the slot and theme based with a French harmonica playing out a jaunty tune in the background.

Sneaky Mice

French Cuisine slot is a slot which is full of humour. The Chef tries to get out world class dishes, but gets foiled by a sneaky mouse that eats his creations. All of the symbols in the game are theme based and include dirty dishes, wine, our fat chef, a leg of roast beef which is the highest paying symbol in the game, silver platters, a view of the restaurant and a mouse trap.

The sneaky mouse is the games wild symbol, but will only appear on the third reel. This is an expanding wild, which means that it will grow to cover the entire reel. This could lead to more winning combinations. The sneaky mouse wild will also replace all other symbols in the game except for the two scatters.

Waiter Bonus Game

The waiter symbol is the first scatter in French Cuisine slot. He can only be found on the first, second and third reels. Three or more of him will trigger a bonus game. In this game you will be taken to a second screen where you have to choose a number of meals being served by the waiter. Starters, mains and desserts are all on offer. Each dish holds a cash prize. One dish however has been eaten by the sneaky mouse and will end your game.

Click Me Feature

This feature is launched by the second scatter symbol in French Cuisine slot. This scatter is a live crab which only appears on the first, third and fifth reels. Four or five of these will launch a little click me bonus round. Here you will simply have to keep clicking on a number of icons. Each icon holds a cash prize. You can carry on clicking and wining until you get the Collect symbol, at which time your game is over and you will be taken back to the base game.



Fortune of the Pharaohs Slot

Fortune of the Pharaohs Slot By Blue Gem Software

Fortune of the Pharaohs slot is a 3D Ancient Egyptian themed online and mobile slot from Blue Gem Software. There are hundreds if not thousands of Egyptian themed slots on the market, but not many of them are in 3D. Fortune of the Pharaohs slot has 20 optional paylines and a minimum bet of only 0.05 per line, which is very low and will appeal to players of lower budgets. The 3D graphics and bonus round will attract players of all experience levels.

3D Graphics

Fortune of the Pharaohs slot is a 3D game with graphics and animations that are worthy of an animated movie or video game. Everything in the slot is detailed and theme based, from the buttons at the bottom of the screen to the scenery behind the reels. Set in a rocky desert, Fortune of the Pharaohs slot has lots of browns and sand colours. The reels are edged with big slabs of rock behind which can be seen a blue sky and a faraway pyramid. Player info is laid out at the bottom of the reels in bold font that ties in with the background. To the left of the reels is the slots main character, which animates when you form part of a win.

Sandy Symbols

Fortune of the Pharaohs slot is full of theme based symbols. Blue Gem Software went out of their way to make sure that there are no poker card symbols anywhere on the reels. What you can find is items all connected with ancient Egypt and the Egyptian desert. These include a camel, a Pharaoh God, a scroll, a tomb, Anubis, an ancient map and the Eye of Ra. All of these symbols animate when forming a part of a winning combination. The Pyramid, the Camel and the pile of gold are the highest paying symbols in the game with up to 2000 coins for five piles of gold in a row on an active payline.

The Mummy is the games wild symbol, and can replace all other symbols in the game except for the special symbols. This is not a frock wearing, sandwich bearing woman, but rather a long dead Egyptian wrapped in cloth. This symbol appears on reel three and expands to cover the entire reel.

Click me and Free Spins

Fortune of the Pharaohs slot has a click me round which is launched by finding three Click Me symbols on reels one three and five. This takes you to a second screen game where you have to click on items, collecting prizes until you find the Collect symbol. When this happens the game is over and you will be taken back to the base game.

The Scorpion is Fortune of the Pharaohs slot’s scatter symbol. This can be found on any of the reels in any position. Three or more of these will not only grant you with scatter wins, but will also trigger a certain amount of free spins. Three scatters awards four spins, four scatters ten spins and five scatters twenty free spins. During this round the reels behave normally. The round can be retriggered by finding more scorpions.


Extreme slot

A Closer Look at Extreme Slot Online

A futuristic theme and several bonus features are among the essential components of Extreme slot. The 3D video online slot from Blue Gem has five reels and 20 paylines.

Its various bonus features include Wilds that can act as Scatter symbols, as well as an extreme multiplier cube and free spins.

Set in deep space, the screen behind the reels offers a few of a starry galaxy. The reels feature orbs of different colours and various elements, while the interface and other design elements add a science fiction feel to the game.

Playing Extreme Slot

A short introductory clip plays when Extreme slot is launched. Once the clip is finished and the main screen has opened, various settings can be adjusted before play begins.

First, a coin value from between 0.01 and 0.05 can be set. Then the number of coins bet per line can be set at between one and five. The number of paylines to be activated per spin can also be determined using controls on the interface.

The reels can be spun using the Spin button, and the slot can be set to play itself using the Auto Spin button. The Auto Spin allows for up to 50 spins to be played automatically.

Symbols on the Reels of Extreme Slot

An array of symbols are shown on the reels of Extreme slot, which do not feature the standard playing card-style low value symbols. Instead, all the symbols somehow tie in with the theme of the game.

Apart from orbs of various bright colours, the reel symbols also show cut and uncut precious stones, a cube of flame, cubes of ice containing question marks and cherries, and cubes of metal.

Some symbols only offer payouts when in winning combinations, while others are bonus features or trigger bonus features. The symbols can also become animated at various points in the game.

Extreme Slot Dropping Wild Cube

The silver cube on the reels of Extreme slot is the dropping Wild cube. It’s a fairly unique feature in that, when three appear on the reels, they will drop to the bottom row.

When they reach the bottom row, more silver cubes will drop down from the top of the screen to re-fill those positions. This continues until the whole reel becomes Wild.

A Wild symbol can substitute itself for other symbols on the reels, which means it can help form paying combinations. A Wild reel means a number of paying combinations could be formed.

Extreme Slot Free Spins

The Extreme slot free spins round is played in a second screen, the reels of which feature different symbols to those found in the base game. The symbols offer bigger payouts and larger multipliers.

The free spins round is activated by the cube of flame. 10 free spins are awarded for three cubes, 20 free spins are awarded for four cubes, and 30 free spins are awarded for five cubes.

Extreme Multiplier Cube

One of the most unique features of Extreme slot is the extreme multiplier cube. The symbol acts as a Wild and as a multiplier.

Each cube that appears on the reels can substitute itself for other symbols, and each of the multiplier cubes will produce a different multiplier. The multipliers thus produced will be added together to produce the multiplier by which the payout will be increased.


Dr Magoos Adventure slot

Dr Magoos Adventure Slot From Blue Gem Software

Dr Magoos Adventure slot is a 3D adventure themed slot form Blue Gem Software. The game has highly detailed graphics as well as a number of animations. Twenty paylines can be played for as little as one cent or 0.01, or as much as five coins per line, which will equal a maximum bet of 100. The slot is designed to run on both online and mobile platforms, which means that it can be played on the go wherever you are. Due to the intense graphics however it is better viewed on a larger screen such as a tablet.

Adventure Theme

Dr Magoos Adventure slot is not surprisingly an adventure themed slot. An old explorer and scientist, Dr Magoo, has come to a tropical rain forest to look for hidden artefacts. The game has a lot of detail in the background, depicting lush jungle foliage and the occasional creature. Even the buttons at the bottom of the reels have been done to be theme based. They fit into the edge of the reels which is a vine or a sprawling tree. Above the reels are two green birds that chirp at you constantly. The game has a unique soundtrack with jungle sounds and upbeat music.

Jungly Symbols

Dr Magoos Adventure slot is all set in a tropical jungle, and all of the symbols on the reels are taken from the theme. Blue Gem Software did not put any poker card icons in this game at all. We can find items that not only come from the jungle, but have to do with our protagonist’s adventure as well. A panther, an ancient relic, a monkey, Dr Magoo’s luggage, an explorer’s map, binoculars and Dr Magoo himself can all be found on the five reels. Dr Magoo is the games highest paying symbol, and is also the games wild. He will replace all other base game symbols to create more winning combinations.

Expanding Wilds

The parrot symbol is Dr Magoos Adventure slot’s second wild symbol. This can only appear on reel three, but when it does it will expand to cover the whole reel. When this symbol makes it appearance, Dr Magoo gets very excited and jumps up and own yelling Hurray! He sits to the bottom left of the reels at all times, occasionally animating and chiming in on your progress.

Ancient Temple Scatters

The Ancient Temple is Dr Magoos Adventure slot’s scatter symbol. This can be found on any of the reels in any position. It will pay out scatter wins even if it is not in any order. Three or more of these will also give the player a number of free spins. The amount of spins is totally determined by the amount of scatters that you find on the reels. The highest amount of free spins that you can get is twenty five. During this free spins round the expanding wild is active. This game can be retriggered in two ways. The first is to find more scatters anywhere on the reels and the second is to find Dr Magoo symbols on the reels. He will also grant a number of spins depending on how many of him you have found.