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Betting Odds Explained

Kiwis have Betting in their blood. A game of chance is setup to yield a set of outcomes, where one particular outcome is the most favoured, which gives way to a host of odds that are calculated through the probability of that outcome.

All betting activities are riddled with probability and odds. Punters are aware of the event and the likelihood of a particular outcome.

Kiwis have a rich selection of betting establishments to select from, with land and online based betting establishments offering a diverse spread, punters from New Zealand should understand betting odds before opting for real play.

With terms like decimal and fractional betting odds, decoding their meaning can be intimidating.

Odds Tell A Story

All betting odds explain the relationship between the probability of the wager and the potential winnings you may claim.

Favourable betting odds have the potential to yield lucrative payouts due to the unfavourable characteristics of the bet. Neutral betting odds characterize a bet that is safer, with more winning potential and a lower payout rate.

Grasping Probability

Probability is at the core of the foundation of all betting odds. Punters from New Zealand should have a firm grasp of probability before attempting to make sense out of betting odds.

Probability is simplified as likelihood. In all betting odds probability takes into account how likely a particular outcome may be. For example if you bet on somebody to roll a dice and land a six, the probability is 16.66 %, as there are 6 possible outcomes out of 100 %.

Fractional Odds And Probability

Numbers separated by a forward slash represents fractional odds. Kiwis who are familiar with sports betting will understand these odds to represent the probability of a certain bet.

In order to calculate the probability of bets punters need to make a simple calculation. If the fractional betting odds provided are 1/1, this means that there is a 50% chance of the bet ringing true. To calculate this Kiwis simply need to utilize the following formula.

1/ 1+1 = 0.5 or 1 divided by 2 = 0.50.

If the betting odds were represented as  4/1 there would be a 20 % probability of the bet to win. Kiwis can calculate this by the same formula of 1 divided by 5 = 0.20 %.

Calculating Winnings From Betting Odds 

Fractional betting odds allow you to calculate the potential winnings from a wager. The payout amount is relative to the stake amount and is directly linked to the fractional betting odds.

For example in 1/1 betting odds punters will now know that the probability of the bet is 50%. Kiwis in quest of winnings calculations will be delighted to know that these are simple for rugby betting sites.

In any fractional betting odds punters should assign alphabetical letters in order to make this formula even easier. If the first number represents X and the second number after the forward slash Y, then for every value of Y bet, your winnings will be X.

Therefore victorious 1/1 betting odds will afford punters with $1 for every $1 bet on top of the stake amount that is wagered on the bet.

If the winning betting odds were 4/1, according to the formula for every $1 bet Kiwis will see $4 in return.

Decimal Odds

Decimal betting odds are displayed on various sites and allow for quick and easy calculations on potential returns. Decimal betting odds will be represented as follows 10.00. This means that if Kiwis place a $1 bet on a 10.00 odds stake the return is $10 plus the stake amount.


Betting New Zealand

Is Betting Legal In New Zealand?

Yes, betting is legal in New Zealand. Whilst New Zealand used to have very strict laws about betting, and it was banned in 1920, these were loosened up and 1961 on course betting was allowed for the first time.  Since then the laws have loosened up considerably more and today the options for betting New Zealand are vast.

There is only one licensed sportsbook online that is of New Zealand origin, but all of the big international betting sites are allowed, giving punters a huge range of safe and secure choices for betting New Zealand. On some of the big international betting websites available in New Zealand, New Zealand Dollars are available as a currency, whilst on others you would need to keep your money in USD, GBP or EUR online before converting back to your bank account. Even better, for those interested in betting New Zealand, there is no taxation at all on your winnings, whether using local Kiwi websites and bookmakers or the international sportsbooks.

What Sports Can I Bet On?

For those interested in betting New Zealand options, you can choose from backing local sports to a massive array of international sports, as well as options for entertainment, political, pokies, casino, and lotteries choices.

For betting New Zealand fans some of the sports available for placing a wager on are Rugby League, Rugby Union, tennis, basketball, football, baseball, Aussie rules, cricket, golf, American football, volleyball, F1, horse racing and MotoGP.  For those passionate about local events in New Zealand go for Super Ruby, the ITM Cup, the Heartland Championships and the ANZ Netball Championships

Horse Racing Betting New Zealand

One of the most popular sports to bet on in New Zealand is definitely horse racing.  Being one of the best thoroughbred horse breeding countries in the world, and having a whopping 52 race courses and 65 jockey and racing clubs, Kiwis are passionate about horse racing and horse racing betting New Zealand.

Some of the super events to place your money on, and with options of winning big bucks, are the Wellington Cup, Telegraph Handicap, New Zealand International Stakes, Stoneybridge Stakes, New Zealand 2000 Guineas, New Zealand 1000 Guineas, New Zealand Derby, Easter Handicap, Kelt Capital Stakes, Mudgway Stakes, Auckland Cup, LvRC Classic and the Kelt Capital Stakes for online betting NZ.

Betting New Zealand is Hassle Free

These days it is so easy to open an online gaming account and place bets in New Zealand within a few minutes, and with as many accounts as you wish.  You will want to open an online money transferring account for ease of use with something like Skrill or NETeller for making easy withdrawals and deposits to and from your bank accounts and/or bank cards to make your betting New Zealand experience streamlined and pleasurable.  You will also receive super perks and free bets when joining up to the sportsbooks, giving you a few ‘practice’ rounds of betting while you figure out which kinds of sports and sports markets you are interested in playing when getting into the myriad betting New Zealand options.



betting apps

Making Use Of Betting Apps

The mobile market continues to bring a world of betting apps to a range of interconnected devices. Punters from New Zealand may feel overwhelmed by the vast assortment of betting apps across the spread of mobile devices geared for mobile betting entertainment.

With the mobile betting market exploding in New Zealand, Kiwis are spoilt for choice when selecting optimal betting apps.

Kiwis should be aware that these apps are nearly identical in functionality and feature spread, the majority of betting apps function in the exact same manner with slight visual and functionality deviances.

Punters in New Zealand opting for mobile play can download and install an assortment of betting apps, creating a market space for all wagering activities in the palms of your hands.

The Features Of Top Apps

Kiwis opting for betting apps should only consider downloading from reliable sources. App stores can be easily accessed from a range of devices. These devices usually come with the app store pre loaded on the device.

The top betting apps are packed with functionality, operating nearly identically to the browser play version of the wagering establishment. Punters from New Zealand should only consider betting apps that are easy to use and reliable, allowing for convenient and safe entertainment from NZ betting sites.

Quality providers allow Kiwis to access all betting apps across IOS, Android, Windows and other devices. Top quality betting apps allow for class features including popular live streaming services.

Many providers have opted to keep depositing methods restricted to the pc version of the service, while most features are accessible from betting apps, punters from New Zealand should be aware that certain betting apps restrict functionality for safety and app reliability.

Advantages Of App Play

Punters making use of betting apps will be thrilled by the outright convenience mobile play affords. Opting for betting apps has become increasingly popular in New Zealand. Installing an app on any operating system is fast, simple and reliable.

Launching betting apps, punters will instantly notice an interface tailored for mobile screen size and resolution. Top class betting apps will pack all the most relevant features into the platform allowing for on the go betting convenience.

Mobile betting apps are available across Android, IOS, Windows and other devices such as Blackberry. This allows punters to access a variety of options from mobile phones and tablets. Updated information in the palm of your hand affords punters with the opportunity to keep a watchful eye over lucrative winnings and the best betting odds available on various betting markets.

All Markets Go

Kiwis will be delighted by the vast array of betting apps covering a rich selection of betting markets.

Developers have kept the interface focused and driven for individual demands making for betting apps that are tailored for specific purpose.

Kiwis can expect betting apps on markets including bingo, casino games, poker, sports books and more.

Try Mobile Browser Play

Many reputable betting establishments have yet to develop apps for download use. Certain operating systems such as Blackberry do not cater for download app play.

Punters opting for such institutions or devices will be thrilled to know that there is an alternative available.

Playing through your mobile devices browser allows you to access the mobile version on the website. Optimized for mobile usage punters will enjoy relatively similar functionality.

Mobile browser play is less rich in features over dedicated betting apps, it does allow for the basic betting mechanics, which is more than adequate for punters seeking straight up betting action.



All About Sports Betting

In New Zealand residents have access to some of the fastest and most cutting edge technology in the world. From blistering fast internet speeds to incredibly powerful mobile devices, New Zealanders live on the forefront of modern technology. This, of course, means online gaming, live televisions streaming and previously unheard of convenience. It also means that New Zealanders have instant access to online bookmakers, pretty much anywhere, any time.

Previously, in order to do any sports betting a punter had to take a trip down to a real world bookmaker, often stand in a lengthily queue, and then simply hope that reasonable betting options were available. This was not only extremely inconvenient, but it also meant that looking for better deals required potentially hours of searching around. These inconvenient days are behind us, thankfully, and extremely effective sports betting can now be done without the punter ever having to live his or her couch. Or, if you so choose, without the punter ever leaving his or her bed.

Modern Sports Betting Requirements

Very little is required for modern sports betting that the punter will not already have. An internet connection, plus a home computer, laptop, or internet capable mobile device. The punter need simply log on to an online bookmaker, create an account, and the sports betting can get underway instantly. Don’t worry; creating an account takes a few moments of time. All that is required is the punters name, telephone number, physical address, and bank details. Be sure to give your real name and telephone number. Making an account with a false name may not see like a big deal, but can cause problems later. Especially if you win a big payout and the website decides to do a background check for security reasons.

Once the account has been created, starting funds will have to be transferred into the account in order to place bets. These funds will appear instantly once they have been allocated. Withdrawing winnings from the bookmaker account into your bank account is equally as easy, but it may take a few days before the funds reflect in your bank account, as is expected.

Which Sports Can Be Bet On?

All sports can be bet on. Modern sport betting is more accessible than it has ever been, with some bookmakers making it a point to offer betting options on every sport under the sun. International sports are available, as well as niche sports you might not ever even have heard of. Explore a bookmaker’s website and you might just find a new sport that grabs your interest like placing your first of many cricket bets.

The most popular betting sports are also available, of course, including rugby, football, cricket, and all the others loved by new Zealanders. Simply visit an online bookmaker and the homepage is sure to give you the details on the most popular current and upcoming matches. Also, don’t forget to explore a few websites, which is easily done via your internet capable device. Many special deals and promotional offers can be found at competing websites, which is excellent news for the modern New Zealand bet maker.