Extreme slot

A Closer Look at Extreme Slot Online

A futuristic theme and several bonus features are among the essential components of Extreme slot. The 3D video online slot from Blue Gem has five reels and 20 paylines.

Its various bonus features include Wilds that can act as Scatter symbols, as well as an extreme multiplier cube and free spins.

Set in deep space, the screen behind the reels offers a few of a starry galaxy. The reels feature orbs of different colours and various elements, while the interface and other design elements add a science fiction feel to the game.

Playing Extreme Slot

A short introductory clip plays when Extreme slot is launched. Once the clip is finished and the main screen has opened, various settings can be adjusted before play begins.

First, a coin value from between 0.01 and 0.05 can be set. Then the number of coins bet per line can be set at between one and five. The number of paylines to be activated per spin can also be determined using controls on the interface.

The reels can be spun using the Spin button, and the slot can be set to play itself using the Auto Spin button. The Auto Spin allows for up to 50 spins to be played automatically.

Symbols on the Reels of Extreme Slot

An array of symbols are shown on the reels of Extreme slot, which do not feature the standard playing card-style low value symbols. Instead, all the symbols somehow tie in with the theme of the game.

Apart from orbs of various bright colours, the reel symbols also show cut and uncut precious stones, a cube of flame, cubes of ice containing question marks and cherries, and cubes of metal.

Some symbols only offer payouts when in winning combinations, while others are bonus features or trigger bonus features. The symbols can also become animated at various points in the game.

Extreme Slot Dropping Wild Cube

The silver cube on the reels of Extreme slot is the dropping Wild cube. It’s a fairly unique feature in that, when three appear on the reels, they will drop to the bottom row.

When they reach the bottom row, more silver cubes will drop down from the top of the screen to re-fill those positions. This continues until the whole reel becomes Wild.

A Wild symbol can substitute itself for other symbols on the reels, which means it can help form paying combinations. A Wild reel means a number of paying combinations could be formed.

Extreme Slot Free Spins

The Extreme slot free spins round is played in a second screen, the reels of which feature different symbols to those found in the base game. The symbols offer bigger payouts and larger multipliers.

The free spins round is activated by the cube of flame. 10 free spins are awarded for three cubes, 20 free spins are awarded for four cubes, and 30 free spins are awarded for five cubes.

Extreme Multiplier Cube

One of the most unique features of Extreme slot is the extreme multiplier cube. The symbol acts as a Wild and as a multiplier.

Each cube that appears on the reels can substitute itself for other symbols, and each of the multiplier cubes will produce a different multiplier. The multipliers thus produced will be added together to produce the multiplier by which the payout will be increased.